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the strangest alchemy

better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven

Minister of Propaganda for the Decepticon Empire
5 May 1979

fierceawakening: the best place on the interwebz for insightful social commentary that is also kinda hot. -- waytogojeremy

Trinity is a fathomless win mine. - James

I made the Æon Flux mood theme. Yes, you can use it. Yes, you should be decent and credit me.

Also, I am a unicorn.

A brief note on friending

If I don't friend you, please don't take it personally. I usually friend people if I'm already friends with them in the non-LJ sense (online or off), if I've met them in a community and think they sound interesting, or if I already read and like their journal. If you're not one of those, I may friend you back, but I may not. If I don't friend you, don't be offended.

Hope you enjoy my journal.


I founded and co-moderate crimson_optics, a Decepticon fan community. Because the Decepticons are awesome.

I have a fanfiction journal (currently all Transformers fanfic) over at my Dreamwidth. I also draw the aforesaid giant robots and post the results over at my DeviantArt page.

I and some other folks also blog at Let Them Eat Pro-SM Feminist Safe Spaces. That blog is (primarily) for discussion of BDSM as it relates to feminism and various kinds of feminist theory.

I goof off and be way too nerdy about twenty-year-old movies over at The Hellbound Web forums. The Hellbound Web is a Hellraiser fan site. I'm "stainless" on the boards over there.



Leather is lust love both