Minister of Propaganda for the Decepticon Empire (fierceawakening) wrote,
Minister of Propaganda for the Decepticon Empire

Wait, what?

So let me get this, er... straight: Weir should come out, because a) it's totally impossible he's a bisexual or even a straight feminine man, and because b) somehow if he's gay, GLAAD should be involved in rebutting the insults getting hurled at him (which implies that they wouldn't be if he's not, despite that they actually already are).

Uh, because the insults hurled at actual gay men and the insults hurled at feminine men and/or male bottoms who happen not to be gay are, um, somehow not the same damn thing?

As a female person who really, really likes feminine men, I'm not sure whether my response to this is *headtilt* or *headdesk*...
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