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Wait, what?


So let me get this, er... straight: Weir should come out, because a) it's totally impossible he's a bisexual or even a straight feminine man, and because b) somehow if he's gay, GLAAD should be involved in rebutting the insults getting hurled at him (which implies that they wouldn't be if he's not, despite that they actually already are).

Uh, because the insults hurled at actual gay men and the insults hurled at feminine men and/or male bottoms who happen not to be gay are, um, somehow not the same damn thing?

As a female person who really, really likes feminine men, I'm not sure whether my response to this is *headtilt* or *headdesk*...


Mar. 13th, 2010 05:27 pm (UTC)
Personally, I wish the whole world would focus MORE on his ability to skate than his sexuality. Personally, I do not give a rats ass who he sleeps with, or any of that...I like watching the guy skate. Is he the BEST mens figure skater out there? Nah, he ain't. He does however have a style and artistry to his skating that no one else has and it truly makes him a joy to watch on the ice...

which you know, is what he does...he's a skater. And when it comes to skating related things...thats all that matters.

I watched him in the Olympics, and while he has done some shit on his own (that has nothing to do with his sexuality) that has made him unpopular with various skating officials and what not (talked smack about other skaters, namely)- when he was finished skating, the man got some serious cheers. People seem to like that his style on the ice is NOT "safe and by the book"...which means, what, with all these skating tours and stuff that he is not been invited on- he would put behinds in seats- which means money...

However, something I think people are forgetting is this- regardless once again of his sexuality- Weir placed 6th (I think he got robbed, but yeah)...which means in some heads anyway- he is not getting invited on the tours or given the positive media attention that others are because, well, he placed 6th behind some amazing skaters including a rather international mix of Lysacek (USA), Plushenko (Russia) and Takahashi (Japan), and they can only invite and pay so many skaters to be on these tours.

As for GLAD... i can sort of see their hesitation, but I am sort of wondering if more people are more caught up in whether or not Weir is gay or straight and how it does or does not affect his life/career that looking at, well, his "creds" in skating and how that might affect his invites on this tour or that tour, along with statements he's made about other skaters.

In truth, I think a lot of his behavior has made more contraversy than his sexuality: I mean, no one seems to care or even ask if Lysack or Takahashi or whomever else are straight or gay...and a lot of the Japanese skaters at the Olympics this year were pretty "non-traditional" and more fun in their style...so I sorta wonder how much of this is blowback for Weir's on and off ice antics rather than his sexuality...

Cause face it, the International Ice Skating Committee are a bunch of snobs...and if you rock the boat, they will get snotty about it- and Weir in many ways has rocked the boat.

It's shame all around, because the guy is hella fun to watch on the ice.


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